13 Careers that Involve Drawing

13 Careers that Involve Drawing

August 22, 2021

 By Emily Becker

If you have a passion for drawing, you might want to consider choosing a career that will allow you to do what you love every day. You would be surprised at how many careers actually require someone to have drawing skills. Here are 13 awesome careers that involve drawing:

13. Architect

If you dream of creating blueprints with clean lines and tons of detail, a career as an architect might be right for you! Architects use both pencil and paper along with digital drafting tools to create building plans.

Architects can work on a variety of projects including commercial buildings, residential homes, or even entire neighborhoods. Each architect has a special niche and uses their particular set of skills to design spaces that people want to spend time in. Use your imagination to bring the spaces of your dreams to life as an architect!

12. Interior Designer

If the hyper attention to detail required for an architect is not for you, maybe the life of an interior designer is better suited for you. Interior designers use their drawing talent to draft up ideas for their interior spaces. Having an eye for style is essential to be an interior designer, but so is a careful hand and a love for drawing.

Besides being able to draw the designs that will eventually be brought to life, interior designers have to think about things like color, texture, space, and lots of other elements. This is a fun challenge for artists and can make an awesome career for those who enjoy drawing.

11. Fashion Designer

You have seen the sketches of elegant gowns and fierce runway looks all over the internet–and especially here at Ethereal Gull! Being a fashion designer involves hours and hours of sketching in order to make their visions come to life. Fashion designers use their sketches as blueprints for their final pieces, much like architects use theirs!

Take your passion for drawing to new heights as you create garments that stand out from the crowd. You will be able to create fashionable pieces that feel like a true expression of your personal style. There are many possibilities; avant garde, everyday wear, athletic wear, and plenty of other styles. 

Who knows? Maybe your designs will end up in a catalogue or on a runway someday.

10. Graphic Designer

Graphic designers draw digitally every single day. One of the coolest things about graphic design is learning how to use digital tools to draw in a new and exciting way. Whether you are really into typography, logos, or website design, you’ll be able to find your niche as a graphic designer.

These artists work with brands small and large to create designs that are in line with the brand’s vision. Just imagine your drawings on cereal boxes at the grocery store, on billboards, and so many other cool places!

9. Art Teacher

This one is a no-brainer. Maybe you’ve refined your drawing skills, dabbled other fun mediums, and perhaps even created an art career from your work. If you have a passion for educating others and helping young minds develop their artistic talents, consider becoming an art teacher!

Being an art teacher is an absolute joy for those who love art and possess the patience to teach others. As an educator, you will meet young people who are full of creative potential, just like you. You will have the opportunity to be a mentor in someone else’s creative journey. You’ll be able to draw every day, plus the added bonus of teaching others how to do so. It’s a win-win!

8. Animator

If you’ve always wondered how to bring your drawings to life in a pretty literal way, try learning animation! Animators draw each and every day because their job involves basically making drawings that move. Sounds pretty cool, right? If you’re a big fan of cartoon-style drawing and are inspired by your favorite shows, perhaps being an animator is your calling.

There are plenty of different types of animation, so you can explore which one catches your eye the most. Maybe you’ll even create a new one!

7. Tattoo Artist

There is a wide range of tattoo styles, just like there’s a wide range of drawing styles! After all, tattoos are essentially just drawings that are permanently etched into the skin. Since tattoos last a lifetime, a tattoo artist’s job requires a specialized touch and a careful hand. If you’re a drawer that thrives with attention to detail, you might make an excellent tattoo artist!

The experience of tattooing another person is deeply personal and can be a neat way to meet new people and expand your creativity. You’ll work closely with your clients to come up with a drawing that they’ll love so much that they will want it on their bodies forever. Pretty cool, right?

6. Textile Designer

Textiles are everywhere and include woven, knitted, and printed fabrics. Textile designers draw patterns every day that get printed or woven into fabrics and made into gorgeous textiles. If you’re the type of artist that loves repetition, playful color combinations, minute details, and beautiful patterns, maybe textile design is the path for you!

The textile designs you create could be used for clothing, rugs, wall coverings, bedding, packaging, and so much more. The possibilities are endless!

5. Technical Illustrator

A technical illustrator creates visual diagrams and schematics of technical information. If your passion for drawing is coupled with a passion for visually showing how different machines work, give the technical illustration a try!

This profession is destined for artists out there who are motivated by small details and mathematical thinking. It’s ideal for those of you who have your left and right brain in total harmony since it uses not only your analytical side but also your creative side!

Technical illustrators are responsible for creating the drawings of inventions that haven’t been created yet and will be submitted for patents. Your neat drawings could become the blueprints for all kinds of new inventions!

4. Illustrator

Illustrators use various mediums to create designs for commercial purposes and publications. If you’re a children’s book lover, imagine your drawings becoming the pictures for the next big book series!

Beyond children’s books, illustrators are also contracted to create art for magazines, newspapers, and other print media. Your killer drawing skills could be spread across the pages of your favorite magazine! The best part is that you aren’t limited to digital drawings and you are free to use whatever medium suits you best. 

There are plenty of possibilities for making your illustration dreams come true.

3. Industrial Designer

If your drawing passion has led you to make countless drawings of your favorite cars, toys, or even household items, perhaps you should consider becoming an industrial designer! Industrial designers create the designs and develop the concepts for new products such as vehicles, home appliances, toys, and so much more.

As an industrial designer, you’ll be able to let your imagination run wild as you draft up the concepts of newly manufactured items that could one day be available for the world to purchase. You’ll also be able to problem-solve using consumer feedback to constantly improve the designs of existing products.

2. Cake Decorator

This one is by far the most delicious addition to the list. Cake decorators use their drawing skills each day to create beautiful confections for delighted customers. A piping bag and frosting is a far cry from a pencil and paper, but this awesome medium is a joy for cake decorators.

Since cakes are commissioned by experienced cake decorators for special occasions, your drawing capabilities will be used to make someone’s special event even more special. You could create designs for birthdays, weddings, anniversaries, and plenty of other wonderful occasions.

1. Painter

Lastly, your passion for the drawing will always be useful if you decide to become a painter. This is perhaps the most obvious career on this list, but certainly deserves a mention nonetheless! Painters usually start with a drawing before they go in with their oil, acrylic, or watercolor paints. Drawing is an important part of the process, arguably just as important as the painting itself!

Professional painters are commissioned to do custom paintings for clients, which is an awesome way to put your artistic skills to good work. Who knows? Maybe one of your paintings will hang in a prestigious museum one day!


As you can see, there are plenty of careers that will allow you to draw on the job. Who said you can’t make your passion into a career? If you are dedicated to your drawing practice, the sky’s the limit for what you can do. Many people are afraid of dedicating their professional life to a passion like drawing, but I’m here to tell you that it’s totally possible to make an income from a career that allows you to draw. So why not give it a try? You might be surprised at how it turns out.