13 Incredible Sketching Ideas for Beginners

13 Incredible Sketching Ideas for Beginners

August 24, 2021

By Domnic Adongo

Many professional sketch artists online can help you get started with your drawing endeavor as a beginner. But, most likely you cannot afford them because they are costly and above your pay grade.

The good news is, there are numerous Sketching ideas for Beginners that are perfect for improving your drawing skills. If you want to enhance your Sketching Skills, look no further; you are on the right page.

This article provides you with relevant approaches and techniques you can use to develop various Sketching ideas. Nevertheless, an upfront approach starts by drawing basic objects, human parts, and other drawing ideas.

Although you might think that you can neither draw nor sketch, this blog will clear your doubt and guide you accordingly. Here is a comprehensive list of basic sketching ideas.

Incredible Sketching Ideas for Beginners

Although these sketching ideas might seem relatively easy to draw and meant for beginners, you should master the outlines and shades. This can help you get started with sketching and improve your skills significantly, thus placing you on the right track to become a pro.

1. Sketching Ideas of Human Parts

Draw a Human Curly Hair

First, you should understand the structure of curly hair. Curls often have a zigzag pattern at the back and front. Apparently, the front parts always cover the back aspects. Therefore, draw the light zigzag patterns.

Now, draw curls of different densities, keeping in mind that distance determines the thickness of the hair strand. If you want tight curls, draw them slightly close to have sufficient space for the back hair strands.

Next, sketch a wavy hair with loose curls as you look for ways to reach the light. Go ahead and shade all the hair strands according to the light source.

Lastly, use your 4B sharp pencil to increase their contrast to differentiate the highs and lows.

Human Eye

If you start drawing it, you’ll probably love it because ideas for sketching an eye are practical. Start by sketching its actual shape.

The outline should be light because you’ll want it to show till completion. Draw a circle to represent the inner part of the eye, followed by a proper highlight.

Just below the highlight, draw the pupil, and make sure you place it at the center. Now fill in the pupil using a 6b or 8B pencil to make it as dark as possible.

Draw the crease of the lower and upper eyelids. Sketch a basic outline of a few eyelashes as you fill in more lines slowly in the circle.

Use a dark graphite pencil to shade the outer edge of your eye’s inner circle as you increase its depth.


Most sketch artists always fear drawing a hand because it’s not included in the list of sketching ideas. This is one of the sketches that make most of them give up.

Most people think it’s not easy, but this simple drawing guide can simplify it for you. There are numerous ways to draw a hand; you just have to be extremely careful with your style.

Start by sketching a bent box to represent the center part of the human hand. Draw a triangular box and connect it with the bent box for thumbs. Streamline the fingers, especially those that are grouped.

Let the mitten guide you until you draw a full hand. This is just a brief guideline, but there are many tutorials online that can help you advance your skills much further.

Draw a Face

The face is an enthralling subject that you can tackle as a Sketching Ideas for Beginners. Most artists always start with it before advancing to more complicating subjects because this portraiture never gets outdated.

It’s pretty much challenging to master it; the final portrait should portray all the outlines and proportions to that person meticulously.

So start by drawing an oval shape for the face to resemble that of a beautiful woman. Draw a vertical line in the middle and another horizontal line passing through the center of the vertical line you sketched earlier.

Make sure the lines have equal distance. Draw the hairline and a short line through the face line. Make sure that you place the ears and other parts correctly, especially the nose, eyes, eyebrows, and lips.

After you have drawn all the facial features, erase all the overlapping lines. Use your pencil to bring out the contrast and shade it to emphasize other details of the face.

And there you have it; a complete human face. Try drawing yours alone to gauge yourself. You can do it because no human is limited.

2. Drawing Ideas of Landscape and Nature

Drawing Clouds

The beautiful sky and clouds are the best background for various landscapes. Clouds make your drawing scene very attractive and appealing Sketching Ideas for Beginners.

They are primarily used in art to describe emotions. So do you want to draw your cloud to convey the feeling you are going through? Try this out.

Start by drawing several intersecting oval shapes in different sizes. Now, draw a raggedy outline around the oval shapes. Continue sketching the curved, short, and interconnected lines.

Connect the bottom part of the cloud to other remaining parts to enclose its shape. Now you can erase all the overlapping outlines.

Add more details to it, such as texture and more depth. If you want your cloud to have a fleecy appearance, draw other connected and curved light lines inside it and add more details to it.

 Drawing Window View

Another Sketching idea for Beginners that you can try, though it seems complicated, is drawing a view from your window. You’ll make several decisions at the start, such as which window has a great idea, sitting position, and you can decide whether to draw the inside or the outside part.

This kind of drawing is an exciting challenge, but you should be very selective. The best option is to select a subject or an object out of the view that really interests you.

It can be either a flowing river, a vast tree, or a magnificent forest. You can also be attentive to the design and composition of the view through the window.

You should focus on the subject you have chosen to draw; it’ll open various interior drawing possibilities. This can give you dominance over the incredible outside scenery.

Sketching a Tree

A tree is simple to draw, and it’s always the first sketch for a beginner in the art industry. It’s interesting to note that trees are drawn with various techniques and for different purposes.

So if you have a desire to become a landscape artist, it’s mandatory to get the outline of the tree right because it should have a realistic look.

Trees appear differently at different times of the day due to shadows, winds, and shade. So if you want to get a 3D tree sketch, you need to master all the techniques such as shading and light effects.

And once you understand all the drawing techniques, you can draw any trees in 3D to enhance your artistic touch. Start now and continue practicing until you become perfect.

 Shooting Star

The idea of drawing a shooting star can inspire you to become a professional illustrator. This is the perfect sketching subject for small children who want to explore and strengthen their skills and creativity.

A shooting star is stunning and unique, which is why you’ll love when you decide to sketch it.

You will enjoy drawing it and it’ll allow you to enhance your drawing abilities, while at the same time, you are having fun.

3. Sketching Ideas of Insects and Animals

Spider Sketch

Most people don’t like spiders because of the poisonous prickle, but it’s one of the Best Sketching ideas for Beginners. This is the best way to sharpen your drawing artistic skills. You can try drawing a spider, especially during Halloween, to scare your friends.


If drawing a spider scare you or does not inspire you, then you can try sketching a butterfly. This idea is not only good for beginners but also boosts your morale. Most people love butterflies because of their varying stunning colors and this can make it easy for you to excite your audience.

Complete your sketch by coloring it, and you’ll be surprised with the final product. After mastering all the necessary basics, you can draw a realistic butterfly and turn your artwork into a fantastic home decoration.


Sharks have a terrible reputation but are an excellent drawing model. Learning to sketch a shark is not tricky, unlike other animals such as lions or tigers.

The best technique that beginners can use is flow drawing. It involves drawing your shark sketch using simple shapes and lines. If you are like sharks, don’t let this drawing idea pass without trying it out, it’ll genuinely advance your drawing abilities.

Drawing a Dog

If you want to develop your skills further in drawing, this is one of the most fantastic drawing ideas to try. Although it can be relatively complicated than others, it’s still is not very hard.

It may be easy for you to draw an impressive dog sketch. You can get extraordinary results and improve your drawing talent.

4. Drawing a Dress

Most people enjoy fashion. From the latest designs to more fancy looks, they can’t still get enough of the beauty and elegance of dress ideas.

The dress always begins as an idea, and fashion drawing is the initial step of actualizing that idea.

Final Thoughts!

Drawing your ideas is the first step, and it’s something that you must learn to do. When you are just starting, sketching may not be easy, but the primary purpose is to get out your imagination to the paper.

Nevertheless, you can use the ideas highlighted in this article to improve your skills. They are the most excellent way to learn to sketch beautiful drawings while at the same time having fun.