Top 10 Online Drawing Courses for Beginners

Top 10 Online Drawing Courses for Beginners

August 25, 2021

By Domnic Adongo

Drawing is an essential skill that every artist needs because it’s part of the artistic process. The magical effect of any pencil drawing enables an artist to add numerous realism and personality.

This is an apparent feature you can witness while attending Online Drawing Courses for Beginners. The positive implication of art is to impact the hearts of the people it touches.

And a pencil drawing is another world’s wonder that is hard to imitate because the process of sketching a masterpiece is pretty much thrilling. Drawing is a manifestation of great creativity, where the brain is under the restriction of not only emotions but also words.

Nevertheless, before you become a legendary sketching artist, you must start from somewhere. So if you are a beginner and want to advance your skills, here are some of the best sketching classes and courses for beginners on the internet.

Top 10 Online Drawing Courses for Beginners

Drawing is a complicated skill, which you cannot grasp in one day or one week.  Most importantly, you need time and constant practice to enhance your abilities to create an eye-catching drawing. However, if you don’t have any idea where to start from, you’ll like this comprehensive guide. You’ll get some of the best online sketching classes that can provide you with free basics. They are either paid or free; either way, they are extremely beneficial:

 #1. Udemy Ultimate Drawing Courses

Their online drawing courses guide you on how to create more advanced sketches that can stand out as professional art pieces. All the drawing lessons begin with inclusive basics before the introduction of detailed fundamentals of sketching with online drawing courses for beginners.

The next thing you’ll learn is how to integrate your perceptions into fine art before proceeding to more advanced topics. The best part is that there is an art instructor to guide and teach you.

This course is essential for novices who are just getting started and are without any erstwhile experience. You’ll learn varying topics beginning from the basic concepts such as sketching a human figure, dinosaur, face, and more advanced levels with numerous examples.

In addition, you get continuous support from the tutor throughout the drawing program. You will also get a surfeit of sketching exercises and assignments for practicing.

 #2. New Masters Academy

Realistically, this is the perfect all-around drawing, painting, and sculpting online education for beginners. It’s an online art learning platform that offers incredible and premium quality sketching tutorials at affordable prices.

However, you have to pay for the monthly subscription. Their primary focus is on the fundamentals of art, emphasizing the various animal and human figures.

They have one of the most comprehensive perspective drawing courses that are critical in advancing your skills. Their sketching workshops are fascinating due to the contribution from other talented artists.

The lessons are meticulous and straightforward to follow. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned veteran artist, they always have something in store for you. Another exciting thing about New Master Academy is that they have a vast drawing library of 3D sketch models.

In addition, they also have an implausible library of images of animals, people, and anatomy. If you want to sharpen your sketching skills, then this is the best option for you.

 #3. Drawing Tutorials Online

The Drawing Tutorials Online is a YouTube channel operated by Matt. He offers you free sketching lessons regarding extraordinary life figures.

This channel involves forming some of the perfect drawing ideas provided by the artist, which enables you to draw and shade your realistic sketch. Matt teaches you how to draw accurate sketches and figures using different measurements and accurate angles.

His tutorial can help you if you want to be an expert in portrait and human figure drawing. In addition, he offers free critiques of your work online, pinpointing all your sketching mistakes and how you can correct them to perfection.

Matt’s troubleshooting techniques are some of the best to acquire. The best thing about this drawing course is that it’s accompanied by a blog post to help you follow all the teachings diligently.

 #4. Skillshare Online Figure Drawing Classes

Drawing a human figure is never easy; it’s very complicated and exhausting. Most beginners are constantly discouraged by this kind of sketch.

However, don’t worry about that anymore, because Skillshare online drawing courses are suitable for all beginners. They will teach you relevant techniques to bring the human figure into life on a blank paper.

The experienced instructor will guide you and help you understand all the steps of classical drawing approaches. You’ll start by capturing motions and gestures, how to map out different structures and forms.

You will learn how to incorporate and work with various sketching materials and live models. The tutorial also provides supplementary sample sketches and tests for constant practice at your own free time and pace.

The tutorial guides you accordingly through the basics. The tutors will give you in-depth explanations of how to go about the drawing exercises, which are available online.

 #5. Arty Factory

If you are searching for lessons about drawing for beginners or you want to develop your art skills, the Arty Factory got your back. This is an online art resource for every form of art that you want to learn.

Their website provides a wide range of online drawing tutorials that you can follow and understand easily. Nevertheless, most of their tutorials are clear written instructions that you can save for future reference at different art stages.

The unique selling proposition (USP) of this online drawing source is the wide range of art tutorials it offers. Their lessons cover animal drawing, still life art, charcoal and pencil sketch, and many more.

Arty Factory also appreciates your drawings and takes them as a critical learning process towards creative activity. They are restricted to pencil and paper sketching tutorials and provide enthralling facts regarding art and fundamental design classes to advance your perspectives as a beginner.

 #6. Free Drawing Art Lessons by Jerry Artarama

The free drawing lessons provided by Jerry Artarama are simple to understand. The lessons are created by professional artists who are top graduates in art school from different excellent universities and colleges.

If you are a beginner or an expert artist professional, attending these online lessons can help you advance your drawing skills. And also, their video demonstrations describe how you can draw diverse two-dimensional portraits on plain paper.

The course covers some of the great art subjects such as cartooning, Anatomy, Landscapes, Medium, and so much more. Suppose you get a chance to subscribe to Jerry’s free drawing classes, then you will enjoy these amazing topics.

In that case, you choose your sketching course depending on your current skills, including beginners, Advanced, Professional and Intermediate levels.

You will learn a lot of drawing techniques involving charcoal, colored pencils for drawing, etc. Complete this drawing course and create your unique art piece from scratch.

 #7. Circle Line Art School

Circle Line Art School is a YouTube channel created to assist promising artists in gaining relevant skills and confidence in drawing. This is a very incredible portal for online drawing courses for beginners looking to augment their artwork.

The channel is operated by Tom McPherson, who is a professional artist. In this YouTube channel, you will learn different subjects about perspective sketching, 3D art formation, and creating optical illusions using pencil and paper, and many more.

In addition, there is a comprehensive guide to sketching and coloring human figures, complete steps of drawing people and animal ideas, etc. The tutorials are completely free, and Tom always updates the channel and his official website with new and fresh drawing skills that you can’t afford to miss.

The good thing about these tutorials is that Tom includes all the relevant sketching materials. Lastly, he simplifies all the complex portraits in constructing art structures based on his artwork.

 #8. Draw Space

If you are an independent thinker, then Draw Space is the perfect online tutorial for you. This course covers numerous high-quality online drawing classes for beginners as well as professional artists. You can access most of their online courses for free after a free subscription.

Consequently, they also offer paid lessons properly structured by various professional artists who contribute to the channel. Some classes include an introduction to drawing, shading, acrylic and color pencil, sketching patterns and textures, art gratitude, and a lot more.

In short, this site has pertinent topics suitable for individuals who have great interest in advancing their skills at any level and make independent drawing choices.

You should take an online class with Draw Space because their lessons consist of reflective mental health development.

Draw Space views art as a way of discovering yourself and improving your brain’s perception to enable it to function effectively in a robust, innovative, and analytical manner. Their supplementary exercises coax your brain to think big.

 #9. Rapid Fire Art

Do you yearn to know how to draw, but you have no clue where to begin? Then Rapid Fire Art is the right platform for you.

This website will guide you accordingly through a series of easy-to-learn tutorials that will help you develop your skills pretty much quickly.  If you have basic drawing knowledge, this can act as a perfect refresher, or you can learn something incredibly new.

Darlene, a professional artist, is the main instructor with immense experience in the art industry.  He provides all the essential drawing resources that you need to develop your essential skills.

The “how to draw” comprehensive course is perfectly designed to assist you in getting started with the basics ideas. In this tutorial, you’ll learn to sketch realistic portraits, shading, and also what you can see.

The tutorial comprises five detailed drawing levels that have about ten in-depth lessons. The good thing about this course is that you can complete the lessons with total flexibility and at your own pace.

 #10. Artistsnetwork

If you want the best drawing and sketching tips, then you can get them from Artistsnetwork.com. This is a community of drawing artists who try their best to help you gain relevant knowledge.

If you subscribe to this platform, you’ll get more than 800 videos of comprehensive workshop tutorials on different sketching forms. Artistsnetwork strives to help you to develop diversified approaches and techniques to shading and sketching.

Their courses also aim to empower aspiring artists with appropriate methods, creative strategy, and acute knowledge. In addition, it also helps you to discover your sketching abilities.

Apart from the fantastic tutorials, the site offers artistic hacks that can help you as a beginner to sketch your ideas quickly and easily. Artistsnetwork is an astute sketching initiative for a great art life.

Final Thoughts!

Even though all the sketching tutorials and Online Drawing Courses for Beginners highlighted above offer excellent and valuable drawing tips, you shouldn’t overlook them. Instead, you need to visit each of their website for acquaintance.

This will help you to compile significant suggestions that can propel your skills to another level. This online education will sharpen your artistic nature.  Nevertheless, you need enough time to perfect your drawing skills.

So join any of these classes to improve your drawing skills because now you are holding your future in your hands. Make an informed decision if you want to perfect your art skills. Good luck with your drawing endeavor!